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Mahatma Gandhi's memorabilia

New Delhi
March 4, 2009

Our attention has been drawn to reports about one Mr. James Otis, purportedly stating to the media, that he had not been contacted by any representative of Government of India, in connection with the proposed auction, of certain belongings of Mahatma Gandhi. 

The facts of the matter are that interactions have taken place over the past several days, between the Consulate General of India in New York, and Antiquorum Auctioneers, New York where the items are proposed to be auctioned. 

The said Mr. James Otis, who appears to be based in California, has been contacted by Consulate General of India and has agreed to meet the Consul General of India in New York. 

Meanwhile, on 3 March 09, the High Court of New Delhi issued an injunction against the auction or sale of Mahatma Gandhi's belongings in question.