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Statement by External Affairs Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee on evidence on Mumbai attacks

New Delhi
January 5, 2009

Statement by EAM on evidence on Mumbai attacks handed over to Pakistan and other countries:

“We have today handed over to Pakistan evidence of the links with elements in Pakistan of the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 26th November, 2008.

We are also briefing all our friendly countries. I have written to my counterparts around the world giving them details of the events in Mumbai and describing in some detail the progress that we have made in our investigations and the evidence that we have collected.

The Ministry will also be briefing all resident Heads of Missions here in the next 24 hours. Our Ambassadors will be doing the same in their respective countries of accreditation.

What happened in Mumbai was an unpardonable crime. As far as the Government of Pakistan is concerned, we ask only that it implement the bilateral commitments that it has made at the highest levels to India, and practices her international obligations. These are clear. It is my hope that the world will unite to achieve the goal of eliminating the threat of such terrorism.”