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Response of MEA Official Spokesperson to Pakistan's rejection of evidence

New Delhi
January 7, 2009

In response to a question MEA Official Spokesperson said, “We have seen the Pakistan Foreign Office Press Release of January 6.

Since the terrorist attack on Mumbai on November 26, the Government of Pakistan has asked India for evidence. On January 5, we gave them the evidence. Less than 24 hours later, the Pakistan Foreign Office has chosen to reject this evidence. How can this rejection be credible or be based on a real examination and investigation of the evidence? This is a political rejection without any basis.

It is unfortunate that the Pakistan Foreign Office has chosen to regress into its previous patterns of denial of facts, evidence and reality.

The Pakistan Foreign Office statement also reiterates so-called “constructive” proposals for a new mechanism and a high level visit. There are existing bilateral mechanisms set up at the highest level, such as the Joint Anti Terror Mechanism, which Pakistan’s evasion and denial have made infructuous. It is, therefore, unclear what purpose would be served by yet another mechanism, or by a high level visit, especially if Pakistan continues to maintain the attitude revealed by the Foreign Office Press Release.

The issue is not words or statements or the situation in South Asia. The issue is what Pakistan does about terrorist attacks on India from Pakistan”.