Guidelines for issue of No Objection Certificate / Visa for students proceeding to India on Fulbright Scholarship residing under the jurisdiction of Embassy of India, Washington D.C.:


a. Persons of Indian origin holding an OCI or PIO Card:

Persons of Indian origin holding an OCI Card do not have to apply for a research visa. However, based on the purpose, OCI holders have to upload documents on the website to apply for special permission to conduct research in India.

Please visit and apply for special permission to avoid any problem at immigration post or FRRO after arriving in India.

b. Fulbright scholars who are US citizens but not of Indian origin and those who do not hold a PIO or OCI card: They will have to apply for visa.

Fulbright- Nehru Scholarship awardees and their official dependents residing in the U.S.A. falling under the jurisdiction of Embassy of India, Washington D.C.:

Please visit and apply for REGULAR/PAPER VISA APPLICATION AND MAKE APPLICATION FOR ‘Student Visa’ and under sub-category select ‘Research Scholar on Bilateral Exchange Programme’ or ‘dependent of Research Scholar on Bilateral Exchange Programme’, as applicable.  Fill out the application, upload photo, submit the application and take a printout of the visa application.

 Submit visa applications along with following documents either in person (on a working day between 10 am to 12 noon) OR by Post addressed at:


Visa Section

Embassy of India,

2536, Massachusetts Avenue NW

Washington DC 20008


1. Copy duly signed online submitted visa application form and additional particulars form available at

2. Grant Award Letter issued by United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF), New Delhi.

3. Letter from host institution accepting you as a Fulbright Scholar.

4. Certificate of Affiliation from the Host Institution in India.

5. Research Project Report / Proposal Abstract / Fulbright Application (Statement of Grant Purpose) with all details about the project.

6. Two 2X2 inches photographs as per specifications available at

7. Original current Passport of the applicant. (Make sure to have a passport with validity of at least six months).

8. A copy of the current passport (biographical pages only).

9. Address proof copy: Driver’s License/ Utility bill/ lease agreement of residence in the name of applicant.

10. In case of applications sent by postal mail, please include a self-addressed USPS/UPS/Fedex return paid envelope for sending back the passport with visa.


  No Visa fees shall be charged for issuance of visas to Fulbright-Nehru Scholarship awardees and their dependents.


  Applicants should also refer to the Fulbright to India and Fulbright-US handbooks issued by the USIEF to Fulbright scholars for additional information.